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Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 Days to Rip City!

Starting Tomorrow I will be taking on the 24 Day Advocare Challenge for the 1rst time! I want to share my goals with you all! This is very exciting for me because I believe this could be a huge jump start into a the Summer season which I believe to be the best time for family, friends, and fun as well as audacious vision! Your mind set is key. This is going to take hard work but it will be well worth it in the end!
As I got the opportunity to do Crossfit HQ Goal Setting w/ the original firebreather Coach Greg Amundson from Crossfit Santa Cruz where it all began. I am making my goals specific,direct,  measureable, true to myself, motivating, inspiring, personally captivating, and most importantly in POSITIVE tense. Greg was amazingly energetic and enthusiastic and he conducted the seminar in stories. REAL LIFE stories.  I am also putting these goals within the given time frame so I can hold myself as well as others accountable. This seminar was essential to where I am at and where you all are. You can create whatever you want from wherever you are at right now.  You are the architect of your won life.  What we focus our attnetion on will increase in our lives. Our thoughts and words will be the primary factor. You must have a compelling reason why you want what you want. Its drives you.  When you wake up, you can't wait for it.  You can taste it, see it, feel it , touch it. It is tangible.  Use language in a powerful and creative way. Respect the truth of what it is you want to acheive in life. Just as we develop our skills/ capacities in Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, and Balance we must hone in on our vision for ourselves.  Not just physically but mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Strategy, technique, and knowledge will come w/ you putting your immediate energy into your current capacities/abilities to conquer the Dog of Fear. WHAT CAN YOU DO RIGHT NOW TO BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL?

"The greatest adaptation of Crossfit takes place between the ears" - Coach Greg Glassman

1. weight loss -
 I am 149.9 lbs and 14.9% body fat of svelte lean mean muscle mass, lightening speed and accuracy, like Lindsey Smith (2009 - 2012 Crossfit Games Competitor.)

2. performance -
I perform a genuine gymnastics muscle up ( belly to rings pullup to ring dip.) w/ a fluid and graceful kip, fast and high hips, a fierce pull and a piercing pony tail flip, then an effortless ring dip, popping to full lock out. This will be caught on video for proof. 

3. spiritual/personal -
I  speak to young people, 6th grade through 12th grade, about their personal power; beating eating disorders, food addiction, drug addication, bullying, etc,... how to be brave in the face of fear; loving your peers and treating each other as well as themselves w/ respect.

THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE!  Create your vision for the next mnth, then, the next 3 mnths, then the next 6 mnths then, 12 mnths! Lay your blueprint boldly w/ conviction and confidence then share it w/ the world!