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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Underground Strength Coach Certified

Hey Team, I am going over my extensive notes from the Underground Strength Coach Cert this past March 24th and 25th 2012.. The one and only Zach Even Esh came all the way to Austin, TX to share his passion, knowledge, expertise, and human wisdom like I've never experienced before. Also, Strictly Strength CEO Coach Travis Holley, Lean Lifting CEO coach Jen Cardella, and #DJOutlaw Kris Kepler came in and added their expertise. Zach taught us how to create a unique training that matched our philosophies. Keeping it simple, powerful, and w/ professionalism.#MentalToughness

The energy and enthusiasm is relentless. Your energy should free people and affect them w/ excitement for their life's dreams.#NextLevelMindset

Whether you are reinforcing technique or correcting technique, be relentless in the standards that are set in stone. Understand the psychology of where people are coming from, then being able to have compassion where compassion is due. Discover the languages of each individual athlete/human being you come in contact w/. Be Bold and confident in choosing who you train. You are a person that people KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. I want to train athletes that have a fire for their goals. I want to help them w/ a vivid and specific vision. Same for people that are overweight. I want help them to see themselves a whole new way, define whats holding them back, and conquer. I also want to empower young people to own their personal power and stand up for their ideas by being responsible for their own wellness/fitness/life goals.

Zach really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of not only movements to generate strength, but the movement I needed to generate from within myself to provoke a whole new way of looking at my training. #PerceptionIsEverything

The creativity in the wrkouts I write are more effective and compelling. Instead of just having standard pushup, there's countless different pushups I can coach. Same for body pulls. All I need is a rope and a swing set to throw it over. Its simple and the options are endless. Its all about the ability to move your body well. Depending on your athlete and where they are, you can add higher levels of intensity later. Being mobile is key. Before the cert I thought I was limited to the equip in my back seat but I couldn't have been farther from the truth. The things humans can do w/ our own body weight is amazing. I learned I can have wrkouts w/ out any of my equip and have it be just as wickedly awesome as it would be w/ my equip.I am starting to develop my own style instead of feeling like I have to do things a certain way.

We went through everything from warm ups, to body weight pushes and pulls, to implementing odd objects - my personal favorite:) Kegs, Stones, and Sand bags.#Strongman

Zach also talked w/ us about building up our athletes bodies to tolerate work. Tailoring wrkouts based on the athletes experience. Then building them up from that foundation.

On the last day, which came way too soon by the way, we got to create wrkouts for each other. This was a real opportunity to practice everything we learned over the course of the whole badass weekend. One of the biggest, most important things that I learned is that you can always coach, no matter who the athlete is, how dialed in on technique they are, no matter how effective and efficient and competent they are, you can ALWAYS reinforce their technique and coach them through. That was powerful for me.

Then, in the last portion we got to pick Zach's brain about anything and everything. one of the many things that I got was: Do what you love. Whats true to your heart? Thats what will make you successful. Be consistent and know the power of your word. Let people know your commitment. Stay persistent. Give yourself time off to be w/ your family/friends; the people and things that light up your world. In your work, do all things possible to add value to people. Its got to come from your heart. Find your niche, your unique ability and thrive in it w/ passion. Make sure people leave you feeling better about themselves than when they came in. Build a team - when you need help - ask for help. Pick up others when they're down.. CARE. Take care of the people that you train and people in general. Create community and be a great human being w/ humility, confidence, and courage.
Strength of mind, body, and spirit.