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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Betsey, Here I come!

I met this dress in Betsey Johnson not too long ago at The Domain in Austin, TX.
By July 2012 I will be able to fit into it. When I started to think of what shoes would look cute w/ it, dreaming of all the parties or show I could wear it and then start to get excited....

#1) I have several scars on my shins from an internal skin infection I had last Summer. All I want to do is hide them w/ tights or pantie hose, but w/ the heat coming on thats not goin to fly! I will not hide.

#2) Physically, I am a muscular woman and don't desire to be anything but that. However, I have put on body fat weight, which is unhealthy and also hurts self esteem and body image. I am at 175. Naturally, I would weigh in at 150-155 lbs. This is my goal.

Authenticity and Integrity are important to me. I truly believe in Childlike Faith. I will not let any excuse keep me from having fun being a young woman in Austin, TX! I can't wait to walk into Betsey Johnson's Boutique and pick out that perfect dress!
The little girl pictured below isn't worried about bug bites on her legs or being a certain size. She's strong legged, full of energy, and running on enthusiasm.
Dress upand dancing is a daily must for her.
Thats me, Emily Jane Baker.