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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Passion. Vision. #HelenChallenge

I started a 4 week adventure this past Saturday created and led by the People's Champ, Coach Carey Kepler. Also, Coach Crystal McReynolds, Coach Jess Estrada, Coach Gilly Smith, and Coach Jen Cardella.

That day I was so scared to do the wrkout. My body hurt from stress and what I thought was overexertion from training earlier in the week but I couldn't be farther from the truth. My body wanted to move. My mind was lazy and convinced me that I was not going to perform that day. After the warm up and energy and excitement, my nerves started to subside. I gained mental momentum in seconds. I put aside those nagging thoughts that I should just sit out the benchmark. Then - what would be the point right?! I looked around at all the incredible women I was surrounded by ready to test themselves and give it everything. My great friend, Ingrid pushed me all the way through. I went unbroken on the swings but my pullups were slow and broken into 6's, then 4's, then 3's, then 2's throughout. Its amazing when you hear the voice of someone that sees you have more in you to go faster and harder. From my experience when I hear Ingrid or Carey's or Jen's voice, it mutes that other voice saying, " I need chalk. I need to rest. I need to put the bell down.." and am empowered to be better than I ever thought and surprise myself.

The result was that I did a lot better than I thought I would and had fun! After both heats we went inside to breakdown our Helen Performance for that day. We thought about what kept us from speeding up our run or breathing more on the swings, or why we stood and stared at the bar before grabbing it and punching out pullups. We assessed our mental states, false beliefs that act as barriers to what we really want in our performance - that keep us from taking it next level and finding our "sweet spots". What our your barriers? Why do you care to break through them?

Carey gave us all our homework for the next 4 weeks. Visualization, Watching, Learning, Repetitions, Practice, Train, ask questions, Be powerful in setting goals, smell it, taste it, feel what it would be like to do your perfect Helen, how light you would feel, how would you breathe, how would your run, study your body, body awareness, putting in the work.

I am more excited about my training than I've been since Regionals in Houston last year because I know that if I drill these techniques, have faith, and walk into the very experiences and decisions I am afraid of, whether its hanging onto the bar for on more rep or kicking it in 3rd gear on the run, If I can see it - I can believe it - if I can believe it - I can be it. Its all in my mind.

My Helen time was 10:39 on Feb. 11th 2012

My Helen time is sub 9 min on March 10th 2012.