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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gabi Lane the Great!

is one of the most adventurous, ambitious, and dedicated young women I have ever met. I have been working w/ her since June 2011 as her personal trainer/coach and I have learned more from her than I could've ever imagined.

In the first 3 mnths she committed to tweeking her food intake and lifestyle. Getting up at 5am some mornings to get her training in and doing what it took outside of our workouts got her real results = Lost over 25 lbs and counting.

The majority of our sessions left me w/ more energy and excitement than I could ever have asked for because of her bigger than life personality, fun energy, and lazer focus. I know a lot of adults that would not have the kind of dogged determination and consistency this young lady has.

She sees the world through the eyes of her creative imagination, true instinct, and a keen intelligence to who she is. It is rare that I get to work w/ a human being at this age that can grasp the human spirit and its power to prevail old habits. This is what I get to experience w/ Gabi. She knows that she is fully capable of anything as long as she puts in the hard work, which she has proven possible already.

I think of Gabi as being a great and epic character in a book series. She is a champion. Her personality is rich w/ real ideas that can impact the world in ways she has yet to discover. I can't wait for her to fully realize her potential and power through camps and challenges that she takes on w/ her usual vigor and courage. She is unstoppable.

Her pastimes include but not limited to, Rowing Club, Art, Crossfit, Travel, Culinary Pursuits, you name it - she can do it! There is a will and enthusiasm inside of her that sets her apart. She's wise beyond her years. I am grateful to have her in my life. I asked her a couple months ago to share her thoughts on our training thus far. I have posted them below. Super proud of you Gab! Keep doing what you're doin' girl!

My name is Gabriella Lane, I’m 15 years old. I met Emily Baker in 2011 in the end of May. I am very happy with my life but I wanted to improve my health. I’ve never been a pencil of a girl, in fact I’m anything but. I have always been a “big“ girl, and while not unhealthy I wanted to feel better in my own skin and become the best version of myself I could. I was very determined. I felt I’d but this off for too long. So that summer I decided to meet with a few trainers, sign up for some sports camp and generally be more active. I met Emily through my friend Mark. I immediately knew Emily would be the best fit for me. She seemed to understand what I wanted and she realized that I would need to be eased into the realm of exercise and her world of CrossFit. We started with around three workouts a week and by the end I was up to around four or five. And now more than six months later I feel the best I’ve ever felt.