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Friday, January 20, 2012


What wakes me up in the morning?
Friends. Family.Love. People. Art. Crossfit.
Rivers. Mtns. Oceans. Sunrises. Sand. Sunsets. Campfires.Sunshine.
Fun. Challenges. Adventure.

When I lose sight of the confidence and passion I feel when I look at the words above, I
have to look my fears in the face and breakthrough. That is where I'm at.

"Every Wall is a Door." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am pushing through full steam ahead.
I am out to discover who I am and what I have to say, to bring value to those I meet.

I am now embarking on a journey thanks to my wonderful friends, family, and community.I leave for Olancho, Honduras Tomorrow morning at 4am.
I will get the opportunity/privilege of working w/ this village for a whole week.

I received calls from my family Yesterday w/ a lot of concern about the Peace Corps recently pulling out of Honduras due to drug wars. Where I will be is 100s of miles away from this and I will be w/ a large group of awesome people getting
to fulfill on the mission I set out to achieve.

I'm reminded of a blogpost by one of my mentors and friends Carey Kepler about her Iron Man Competition in July 2007. The name of the post is called "Breathtaking". The morning of the race the ocean was so viscous that just 2 minutes before it was time for her to take off on the mission she was there to fulfill, the announcer came on and gave all athletes an opt out of the swim and offered the choice of performing a duathlon instead. If you know Carey you know that she did the swim and the whole thing in stellar time.

I have courage and faith that I am right where God wants me.
Thank you every one.