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Monday, February 20, 2012

Strongman Awakening

Rob Orlando and his team of passionate, explosively energetic, and professional coaches came to Crossfit Central in Austin Texas all the way from Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT to share the craft of Strongman! First thing is, I am excited!

We got to lift, flip, carry, push, snatch, shoulder, move atlas stones, tires, kegs, logs, and yokes. All of which proved to test me on a whole new level of strength. You are only limited by your own creativity - the sky is the limit. Put things into motion and see how you feel. Violent hip extension. These are just a few words, key points, and phrases that resonated w/ me. I love the primal feel of it.

Shouldering the Atlas stones, then squatting them ass to grass. 93#s x 10 reps

Walking the Yokes, stabilizing midline like nothing else I've ever done. I believe I worked up to 310#s.

Viper pressing the logs. Got 65#s x 10 reps.

Shouldering and pressing the Kegs 75#s. Got 10 total reps unbroken.

I had so much fun. There were many time I felt that lioness inside ready to roar. Its empowering and powerful. I can't wait to test my limits in an amateur competition. I also can't wait to see what this does to my Oly Lifts.

Rob, Justin, Katie, Timmy, and Daniel - Thank you for being here and doing what you do! I will be picking up heavy objects as much as possible and spreading the word. This is only the beginning for me. #Stoked #Inspired

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