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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tookie Invitational Oly Comp

Tookie was one of the first friend I made when I went to Woodward Crossfit this past Sat. to compete in Oleg Kechko 's Tookie Invitational... Tookie then led me into the weight/warmup room w/ his happy tail waggin, where I met Oleg at the white board to give my bodyweight...

My Coach, Zach Thiel, also competed.

He was the whole reason I ever signed up. He mentioned in our 6pm M/W class at RedBlack Gym that sooner than later if ya'll keep getting stronger in here, we can all go out there and compete together. That idea stuck with me and I asked him not even 3 weeks ago when the next oly comp would be. He told me Dec 3rd at Woodward. I signed up.

This was a rejuvenating experience for me. It reminded me of when I used to compete in Gymnastic Meets. Right before I would go out on the floor or step up to the beam, grab onto the bars there was drum in my heart and a lump in my throat but the moment that routine started there was a calmness and a confidence that came over me. I remember how much I loved the dynamic explosiveness in the performance. The same happened here. I was shocked how that lump in my throat went away as soon as I stepped onto that platform and heard my friends , my coach, and the community cheering for me, calling out ques. Watching the other athletes there are so many nuances. Every one has there own rituals. No one lifts the same. Every one there were there to create the best experience possible for each other, to lift heavy, and HAVE FUN. I Learned so much by watching. I look forward to the next one. Until then I will be at Red Black Gym, training and grinding w/ our team...

I Lifted 125 on the Snatch and 145 on the Clean and Jerk.
Thank you to Coach Zach Thiel for continuing to push me to be better, stronger, and more dialed in. Especially for calling me out when I am not challenging myself. Thank you for not cutting me slack when it comes to finding new potential. I know there will always be new potential. I will remain coachable, humble, and consistent. Thanks to you, I not only have thicker skin as an athlete but also in my every day life.

Congrats to every one that competed. You all did amazing! Carlie, Courtney, and Janeous, great work ladies!

Thank you to Oleg's Ok Weightlifting and Matt's Woodward Crossfit for putting this on! It one I'll always remember. This is only the beginning!... Oh, and Tookie too!