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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Captain Gilly Anne Smith: The Sunshine in Your Day

"Happiness came, fear disappeared, desire realized.
it was that moment in time that the mind released all
of its fears, worries became quiet, courage was satisfied, and
true happiness emerged. some call it peace of mind, she calls it champion mindset. Nothing holds back the glow of a girl with determination..
Make it the best day ever! See it, do it, know it, LIVE it."
-Aly Rx Star

I'm positive that if Gilly walked onto any fashion scene in any era in History her style would make a timeless statement that we are all meant to be fully expressed, have fun being who we are, and LOVE life.

She inspires me to be colorful, free, and true to the moment, to celebrate.

In my eyes Gilly is Strength, Character, and Grace to a T.

You will see what I mean in the first 5 minutes of meeting her. I love being w/ her.

She is also Second -in-Command, meaning she is a true CAPTAIN.
She takes action where its overdue w/ precision. If you do not know her yet, you should, cause you are missing out!

The qualities I strive to emulate in Gilly are momentous. She catches all the little things, DETAILS that make up the BIG PICTURE, and has fun in the process. Her JOY is contagious!

Love you sister!