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Thursday, November 3, 2011

David Of The Lion

David De Leon - PROMO from Bougie Photography on Vimeo.

Crossfit Central Coach David De Leon is someone that walks into a room and captures your attention right off the bat. He might be singing a song, doing business, or dancing a dance. When he walks into a room he is known and he knows the room as well.

Any opportunity to uplift a person, a client, or a stranger, David takes it as an opportunity. He's not just asking your name, he's asking who you are. His persistence in knowing who people truly are brings out their unqiueness, their condor and grace. He is incredibly candid, disarming, and FUNNY. Fun is a key component when your w/ David. There's humor all around. He's not afraid to be exactly who he is and that's why he is so loved by community.He is also an intense professional in the way he runs his classes, the edification of his clients, and the back end workload. He takes pride in accomplishment. Limitations are not an option. He keeps rising to new heights w/ phenomenal acheivment, a steel trap mentality, and cutting edge attitude. He will be and is the cause of many people's success and an MVP in team excellence.

His mission:


These are his Core Values, the touchstones of his life, in this Order from 1 to 4 for a purpose. These 4 words are extremely powerful. Out of our conversation this week I got what these 4 words mean to me as well. They impact and direcly correlate w/ my own Core Values:


Thank you David! You are someone that I respect and honor immesely. You are a great Coach, friend, and human being!