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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jessica Lane Howard

The time has come to go back home. This trip is very special to me.
My best friend Jessica Howard will be getting married on Oct. 22nd 2011 in Ash Grove, Missouri. She is marrying the love of her life, Joel Blackburn. "Jessica Lane Blackburn"... has a bit of a ring doesn't it?!
If you don't know Jess, let me just break it down for you... SHE'S PURE G.O.L.D.
My dad calls her a "gem", and its because we treasure having her in our family.
She's not only been there for me through the bad & the ugly but some of my best, most memorable memories are of us on snow days, weekends at the riverhouse in Gilbert town, trips to shows, and on and on. She inherently exudes wisdom, peace, and a contagious beauty.
She creates constantly. Never stops. There have been times where she could've very easily set her talents/gifts aside, given up, and said, "to hell w/ it."... But thats not Jess.
Like I said, she doesn't give up. She sees times of trial as opportunity to fuel her faith. The flame of desire and passion burns bright and her capacity to alter the world grows through her art. Her eye is sharp w/ an artist's perspective...
see her peices sketch/pastel painting below...

The craft she possesses is drawn from her aliveness, compassion, humility and backbone. Its inborn. There's no one like her. Thats what she's up to. So move out of her way!
Thank you for being my best friend Jess. Its one of my great honors.

Love you,