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Saturday, October 8, 2011

CC's International Treasure: Nicole Hughes

"Really GREAT people make you feel that you too can become GREAT." - Mark Twain

The term, Game Changer, comes to mind when I think of Nicole. She will go to bat for great ideas until the cows come home. Her ideas are infinite. I love listening to her lecture at Garage Gym Blueprint because she is passionate about humanity, what we care about, and what everyone brings to the table. She give real live, living examples of her philosophies and WHY we are all truly connected on this planet. She is like Jason Bourne in a room, profoundly dynamic, authentic, and fierce in the way she picks up on the whole experience of a person, their story, and who they are in their community. One of my favorite questions to ask Nicole is What she is reading. Her booklist goes on and on and covers almost every array of interest or insight thinkable. She is never too busy. She gives you all her presence, attention, and concentration. I told her she would be a great film director or producer because she able to seize the challenge at hand w/ creative grace and coolness. Film being one of my passions, I love talking to her about character studies, different movies, and about actors performances. My conversations w/ her are always rich and exciting!... She operates from the same place that GREAT story tellers, artists, musicians, directors, leaders create from and that is nothing short of UNIVERSAL IMPACT. How can we move, touch, and inspire the world w/ this brand? What do the people want? She's in it for the inherent betterment, constant creation of a GLOBAL brand that will change our earth. She is Crossfit Central's Creative Director as well as an elite educator and prime player w/ Garage Gym Blueprint, Nicole Hughes. She will be on TEDs Talks one day, ya'll just wait!... And I'm going to be front row!