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Friday, September 30, 2011

Susan Bender

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Susan is the genuine logic , creative thinking, comic relief, authentic PRESENCE and talent behind operations. She is also a prime writer/communicator in the Crossfit Central Community. She tells human stories everyday. In person, she makes you feel heard like no other. She creates a space that lays everything out on the table. Its Uncanny.

Uncanny - 1. beyond the ordinary; EXTRAORDINARY:

She picks up on things that I did not see or understand before. When I talk to her I often feel like a lot of things are possible in my life that I didn't think possible before. Maybe its tasks/projects in my DAY. There are sometimes BLIND SPOTS in my way of thinking, that can be like a maze to work through but w/ a shared perspective, or even better, a fresh new perspective I can GET CLEAR and find the fun in it. Susan accentuates the personalities of others by her graciousness and generosity to listen and consider.

Yesterday, I got to see her for 45 min. I got to the coffeehouse tired, overwhelmed, and feeling out of whack. After our meeting, I felt back in sync w/ the purpose of my day, right where I'm at in my life, and back in the moment.

Its experiences like that I really get the excitement, adventure,and energy behind being related w/ people, and discovering the endless capacity to grow together.

Thank you Susan for being the creative mastermind, understanding, elegant, intelligent, COOL, and present friend that you are. When I DO get to spend time w/ you, I feel lucky. Your direct communication, humanity, candor, and invigorating humor is unmatched.


The song below is for you cause you're the best at "Makin' Moves" as JDP sayz!