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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diego's Angels

OUR BOLD LEADER: Lisa Bender Thiel
In my eyes Lisa represents what it looks like to be fully on your game, "On Top, Way AHEAD!" as my good friend John Henry says.
She is our CHIEF.
Lisa walks, talks, and lives her word. One conversation w/ her will light a fire under you in a heartbeat. She's someone I have strived to emulate as a human being, athlete, and Crossfit Central Representative from the moment I met her. She is a Worldwide POWERHOUSE!
Our Revolutionary: Diego Rafael Centeno
In my eyes Diego will change the world and IS changing it this very second. I guarantee you as you are reading this he is connecting w/ three different people and by the end of this paragraph he will know what they are up to and what role they play in every aspect of their lives. I strive to emulate him in the way he so eloquently, effectively, and concisely communicates face to face w/ people. I have reason to believe there is not an inauthentic bone in his body, and if there is he'll be the first to admit it. He can compellingly converse w/ anyone on the PLANET!

Our Commander: Gilly Anne Smith

In my eyes Gilly is strength, character, and grace to a T. You will see what I mean in the first 5 minutes of meeting her. I love being w/ her. She is also Second -in-Command, meaning she is a true CAPTAIN. She takes action where its overdue w/ precision. If you do not know her yet, you should, cause you are missing out! The qualities I strive to emulate in Gilly are momentous. She catches all the little things, DETAILS that make up the BIG PICTURE, and has fun in the process. Her JOY is contagious!

Then There's ME: Emily Jane Baker

As you can probably tell, these three individuals are important to me. I get to see them, work w/ them almost everyday. We make each other better, faster, stronger in our daily endeavors. My commitment is to continue to learn from them, develop myself, be fully self expressed w/the extraordinary community around me and by doing so LET MY LIGHT SHINE!

.... Why "Diego's Angels
" you say? Because we have our very own Diego, who needs "Charlie"?! Right?....