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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Lately I've been blind to the power w/in myself and all those around me. I realized that I have committments to fulfill, I have integrity to uphold, and my word determines the change I get to be in the world.

I am hungry, hungry for human connectedness, hungry to make a difference, and hungry to make sure every one knows they are loved... Now, before you go and think,..."Aw, thats just like Emily, she's so nice and sweet. She would say something like that..." Consider that this comes from a different place than that. It comes from a place of "I am committed to being w/ people that are out to make a difference."

So while I may be nice and sweet, don't expect that I will sit around and let you cut yourself short. If I enable you to cut yourself short, then I am giving myself an out. Creating love, adventure, and compassion in the lives of others is, I believe, the experience of sharing PASSION, which is also sharing who you are in the world. Through this experience we get to be fully self expressed and authentic.

You know that feeling you get when you forget to sleep and eat because you are so feverishly passionate about something, not only is it urgent but its insanely fun! Once you find that, don't leave it. No matter what voice of RESISTANCE may be nagging at you, keep PERSISTING. This is my request. You are worth it.