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Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm Nobody w/ No Place to Go and Nothing to Prove

There is something to be said about surrendering to where you're at. Stopping and taking things in. Reassessing WHY you are doing what you're doing or WHY you are making the same mistakes, WHY you are not excelling/progressing/taking it to the next level. There is this thing in all of us that tries to keep us complacent, tries to have us rest on our laurels. Its the same voice that says,"You can never do that, be that." We all have a conversation. I have been so frustrated lately w/ myself.

Dear Emily,
You are nobody w/ no place to go, nothing to prove...
  • You want to be light, fast, and strong - EAT RIGHT/TRAIN CONSISTENT
  • You want to be in control of your finances -BUDGET
  • You want richer relationships w/ friends and family - MAKE TIME
  • You want to be a Crossfit Central Coach - SHUT UP AND LISTEN
  • You want to travel the world - EDUCATE YOURSELF ON CULTURE, ART, and COMMUNICATION
If you are nobody w/ no place to go, and nothing to prove, then YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. You can create anything and everything right this second. End of story.
Below is a TEDs video of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor who suffered a stroke. She has written a book called "My Stroke of Insight" and travels around the world sharing her enlightened experience. My grandfather(pictured w/ me above) had a stroke about 2 years ago and went through a lot of what she is talking about. Her thoughts and ideas can be applied to every aspect of your life. Its worth your time, trust me.

My favorite place/My favorite people/My favorite Sport

Good luck Lisa, Carey, and Lindsey!!!#PowerfulBeyondMeasure

Games Bound from CrossFit Central - The Triune on Vimeo.

More Than Just a Gym from CrossFit Central - The Triune on Vimeo.