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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Motion Pictures

One of my passions is FILM as an art form, entertainment, storytelling, character study, and so on. I have explored this through Theater/Film starting in High School. For the past couple years I have given it a break and finally am opening back up to the possibility of getting back into it.I remember my first love was The Karate Kid series. I truly believed that Pat Morita "Mr. Miyagi" was going to train me someday.
Then, when The Next Karate Kid came out and Hilary Swank got the role - I was 8 yrs old, back flips solid, somersalts - you name it. I was ready. Perfect for the part;) ... Touche. Needless to say, I grew up...

I found that acting was an outlet for me outside of my love for sports(basketball). Studying scripts and characters was exciting. It inspired me to be open to the possibility I had something special to give/offer/communicate to my peers. My grades in school went from average to A's. My mind was stimulated differently than it ever had been. There was freedom in expressing sides of my personality I didn't know existed. I got wrapped up in the story, discovered the process, and learned to perform. It translated into my mental game as a basketball player. Every game anything was possible, it was an opportunity to show up and be so present that no one gets past me, no one can stop me. Same w/ scene work. You're surprising yourself all the time, moment to moment. Spontaneity and unpredictability are key. The stage presence became stronger as I perfected my preparation skills, just like fundamental drills in basketball practice, or repetitions w/ any skills set. I outsourced and used imagination to grow that character emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I could speak, move, be that character at any given moment, just like I could take anyone that walked on the court to the hole( in my mind). I was confident in my characters as well as myself.. I felt that zone that professional actors/athletes talk about, the catharsis that happens when you fully commit to your choices w/ specificity. The devils in the details and so is the humanity. I value and feel this is part of why art is important. To be fully self expressed is essential for the soul.
I have a mantra: Connect, Communicate, and Conquer. I see film as a medium of connecting w/ people on a universal level, a means of communicating emotions by creating space to convey the human experience, and an insight into conquering fears through examining the human condition w/ compassion; seeing life from another's point of view. Appreciating the resilience of the human spirit. Sharing our dreams w/ the world. Whether you are an athlete, actor, writer, poet, coach, carpenter, lawyer, construction worker, teacher, doctor, photographer, novelist, singer, dancer, mechanic, artist; the most valuable thing you have to offer is yourself. This is a lesson that I am learning. Don't doubt the power of being your authentic self or discourage your dreams for the sake of being liked. Stand up for what you believe. Not every one will like you and it doesn't mean anything. That person just doesn't like you, and guess what.... You'll LIVE.