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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Focus and Consistency

I have been thinking a lot about these two words the past couple weeks. I had the privilege/honor to compete in the 2011 South Central Regionals w/ my best friends and some of the best athletes you'll find worldwide, #worldclass is the appropriate term.
When I got there I found that my performance was not where I had desired it to be. I did not finish 3 of 4 workouts. However I DID PR on the thruster ladder by 5 lbs. @ 145# Thruster. I did more HSPUs (30 to be exact) than I've ever done at once in my Crossfit lifetime, and HEAVY ass deadlifts. My goal was to make top 10, I came in 23rd. This does not define me. This number "23" means I have the opportunity to rise to my potential, to learn from my weaknesses, to train smarter, to be more coachable, to keep working out....
I will do this through FOCUS and CONSISTENCY. I will harness all immediate energy into the task at hand, whether it be in my training, nutrition, or lifestyle. I will DECIDE to focus and be consistent. My training will be specific and I will be an asset to Crossfit Central in every way possible.

I did not get to workout the 3 rd day but got to cheer on Lisa, Carey, Ingrid, Lindsey, JT,Lance, and TEAM Crossfit Central w/ the rest of CC's incredible community. This is where it hit me. The whole purpose of this weekend -COMMUNITY. It was so rewarding to get to see the men and women as well as the individuals/teams from all over our region put everything out there and completely GO FOR IT. I was so inspired by each and every one of them:

Jess Sharratt moving through her muscle ups w/ all her will, might, and relentless determination. Travis there supporting her. Giving it EVERYTHING. Mike W., Big Mike G., Jen C., and Crystal N. there with them all the way through.

Big Mike G. never ever giving up in WOD 4. as the team and community believed him the whole way through.

Ingrid moving through "Amanda" w/ such grace and patience. Not to mention SMASHING it.

Carey w/ the most beautiful smile on her face running into Kris's Arms after she took 1rst place in WOD 4.

JT and Lance side by side the whole way through.

Lisa, Lindsey, and Whitney neck and neck, then Lindsey diving for the finish!

JT sayin "Lisa Thiel!! YOU'RE going to California!!!" as she and Lindsey collapsed and embraced at the finish.

HUGE Thank you to Lisa Thiel, Ingrid Kantola, Carey Kepler, Lindsey Smith, Alex Janss, Jen Cardella, Crystal N, Jess Sharratt, Karen Pierce, Jess Estrada,C-Rock McReynolds, Susan Bender, Whitney Welsch, Brittany McKenna, Meg SHOWOUT PArsons, Heather Reed, Nyki and Kim, Chelsea Ross, Nicole and Zach Hughes, Zach Thiel, Kris Kepler, Jeremy Thiel, Ben Flores, Big Mike Gregory, Diego Canteno, Lance Cantu, Mike Winchester, Web Smith, Jon Del Peral, Travis Holley, Jeff McKinney, David De Leon, Rob Brown, and the whole CC Community for all your support. I wish I could express my gratitude. You all AMAZE me!!!!