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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Time of my Life!

There are several people in my life - both near and far-close friends and mentors -some that I have never met, some that I get to see on an almost daily basis that inspire and move me. There are stories of legends - of the greats of our country and our world's history, that inspire and move me.

In terms of the passion and adventure that I find in my immediate life, the sport of fitness, Crossfit is the vehicle by which I have learned and grown over the past year and a half. I had a friend ask me the other day what Crossfit means to me or what do I love most about competing in it. Its a BIGGER than life sport. For me, it requires faith that I am capable of more than I every thought possible. In crossfit I get the privilege of seeing women 2 to 3 times my age mastering and honing the technique of their pullup, olympic lifts, and their own wellness.They are warriors in their lives. I get to see world class athletes, fire breathers, strengthen their strengths and conquer their weaknesses. I have the privilege of playing as we are all designed to play and being present to every moment possible.

Here are just a few of the videos I have watched from the time I started Crossfit to now, to remind me and get me excited by the potential to be stronger, better, and have the time of my life in this sport I love.

Carey's Games from SICFIT on Vimeo.

Watch more video of The Fittest Games Challenge on

CrossFit Women WOD December 12, 2008 from SICFIT on Vimeo.

Carey and Crystal WOD December 5, 2008 from SICFIT on Vimeo.

Carey and Jessica WOD November 28, 2008 from SICFIT on Vimeo.

I Am CrossFit Workout from SICFIT on Vimeo.

I Am CrossFit E.P.O.C. from SICFIT on Vimeo.

Stubborn Determination from SICFIT on Vimeo.