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Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 South Central Regionals :The Show Goes On

Training for the next 6 wks will be like nothing else I've ever experienced. I committ to my team and to myself to give everything I have.
  • I will learn to make pain my best friend. I will not stop when my body thinks its done.
  • I will get used to the idea of competing with myself by having fun and feeding off the energy of the incredible athletes around me.
  • I will listen to my coaches and have confidence in my coachability.
  • I will be better than I've ever been.
  • I will strengthen my mind more than ever.
  • I will be present.
  • I will not put limitations on myself.
  • I will move and speak powerfully.
  • I will be a source of energy, love, and enthusiasm.
  • I will let my fear of failure fuel my mind, body, and spirit to persevere and constantly create possibility of being the best I've ever been by the Grace of something bigger than me.

I pray for the courage and humility to train and live by the words above.

3-2-1 GO!