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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Strictly Strength/Oly Lifting/1rst Muscle Up/Crossfit Open 2011

Every Tuesday from 11am to 12pm for the past 2 months I have had the privilege of training w/ Coach Travis Holley in the Strictly Strength Project. Every workout was specific, dynamic, and creative. We trained skill and technique to the core. We built real strength and confidence from putting more importance on perfecting technique then going back to performing the lifts w/ heavy weight. That was POWERFUL for me. I learned controlled intensity, mobility,repetition, and the art of patience. Travis took time to make sure we did not move on too soon or waste any energy. I left every Tues. looking forward to the next Tues! He does not accept negative self talk so don't expect that you will get away w/ it. You go in there ready to work hard, focus, be coachable, and have fun! He has this program down to a science. RESULTS are an order. Thank you Travis!
Over these 8 weeks I PRed on Crossfit Total by 50#s.

  • Back Squat went from 195 to 225(used to be my least favorite, now its one of my very favorites#BOX SQUATS)

  • Deadlift went from 255 to 270

  • Shoulder Press went from 95 to 100
  • Congrats to my teammates Jess and Nyki Nyk! Great work ladies! I also understand my friend Diego Rafael Centeno will be in the next session - CRUSH IT like you do everything else!

    Every Wed. from 6:30am to 7:30am over the past month I have also had the privilege of training Oly Lifting w/ Coach Zachary Thiel at RedBlack Gym. I feel more confident in stepping up to the platform, and approaching the bar. I am learning the rituals and the rythms I do before each lift(just like shooting a free throw). I am also learning the cues that resonate w/me and the ability to watch my classmates and the cues they respond best to. Instead of THINKING way too much and overanalyzing in my head, I have confidence in really listening to Zach... then attacking, "BE AGGRESSIVE!" I am finding power that I didn't know I had. I look forward to stepping up on the platform and doing everything in my power to execute that lift. Its right NOW or never. Its gotten in my blood and I am discovering a LOVE FOR BARBELLS. Thank you Zachary!

    ....One last thing... I got my first muscle up!!!!

THANK YOU TEAM!!! Week 2 of Crossfit open!!! 3-2-1 GO!!