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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winchester: Courageous Crusader

There are those people that do what they say and their word is their word is their word.
If you know Coach Michael Duke Winchester, you know that is who he is. There is no deviating from the course. Its onward, always moving forward.

He has the ability to be present at any given moment and provides a space of listening, patience, and possibility for whomever he's with to have that realization as well, that I can be where I'm at right NOW, and not have to live into a PAST or a FUTURE. It is NOW or NEVER.

He sees people at the highest place in themselves so that they can experience their own power to empower.

I remember one of the conversations I had w/ Mike right before Regionals 2011. He told me not to worry, "You are fine RIGHT WHERE YOU'RE AT. You are going to make it to Regionals, you are going to get your muscle up, you're going to make all those goals.. Just be where you're at..."

And sure enough, after my talk w/ Mike, and an inspiring email from Coach Carey Kepler, and studying videos, I got my 1rst muscle up, competed in Sectionals, then made Regionals.

Mike - Thank you for believing in people to take responsibility for their goals, ownership of achieving their dreams, and action in living their lives! You are one of my favorite people!

Commit (SICFIT) from Elliot Schrock on Vimeo.

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