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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crossfit Champion's Oktober Obliteration in Houston, TX

What an incredible experience - Oktober Obliteration, conducted by Crossfit Champions, was an event that reminded me of how much I love to compete;

  • because of the people you get to meet

  • the friends you make

  • the passion and intensity of it all - to be surrounded by people that are putting their heart and soul out there - cheering each other on from every corner.

I had the privilege of wearing SicFit and Crossfit Central across my chest and having fun hanging out with some of my favorite folks(pictured below) all day long! ... Not to mention the badass D.J. Monica!

One of the most powerful aspects of it is the competitive spirit; the fact that I'm going to give my best because if I don't that means I let my team down and I've let my opponent down and therefore wasted their time. As a competitor I want to make my opponent better because I am doing 210%....


My Coach and friend Lisa Bender Thiel and me after Wod #1:)
200 meter run, 5 squat cleans @125#s, 20 KB swings @ 40#s x 3 rds

Andrea SCott and Kirsten Aubule from Crossfit Ft. Hood-enjoyin some Firefly "sweet tea"! These ladies rocked!

C-Rock McReynolds in her deadlift - Team WOD #2

Crossfit Central TEAM #1 all the way- Daniel Seeley, Jon Del Peral, Crystal McReyonolds, Robert Brown!!!

JDP at the top of his deadlift - TEAM Wod#2

Lisa Thiel, me, Nicole Hughes and the FABULOUS Lea Goldstein from Crossfit Katy

Chardonnay "the Champ" Poole crushin' Wod #1

Jeremy Thiel in WOD #2: 10 manmakers/15 double unders x 3 rds @ 35#s- done and done!

Lisa and Jeremy Thiel - I love this one!:)

Diego Rafael Centeno - SicFit hustler!!

Wod #3: 20# vest+40# sandbag run @ 525 meters, drop the 40# sand bag, sprint w/20# vest another 525 meters.

I asked my judge, Justin, if he'd ever been to a rodeo and watched the bull right before the latch is released or been to the horse races and seen the horse before the shot fires and the gates open, thats what I was feeling - the fire in the belly and it felt good!

These pictures were taken by my friend - the talented and beautiful - Nicole Hughes. She and - the talented and incredible - Web Smith and Ben Flores took all the SicFit photos/video footage.