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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Risk Taking

Heath Ledger was an actor that took risks. He didn't have to be told what he wanted or what to do. He made strong, specific choices and when he took on a role, he never backed down from its potential. It resulted in performances that leave you w/ an experience. His last film, The Dark Knight, displayed that in spades. He played the ugliest, craziest, most disturbing character you could imagine but you left the theater having had an experience. When the Joker is in the frame, even when his back is to the camera, your instantly intrigued by the surge of energy brought into the scene. He is so present in the scene that the audience can't help but be present. Heath created characters that were unforgettable because he obeyed his instincts and was not afraid to trust his gut and act from his heart, whether his characters came from a a place of humour, pain, love, or a dark place, he was relentless in finding the truth behind his characters purpose...

-Make your purpose known thru action
-Obey instincts
-Exert explosive energy
-Own it