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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Childlike Faith and Enthusiasm

Childlike enthusiasm is something that I work on daily. I tend to get really caught up in my life and taking things too seriously but all I have to do is go back to when I was little emily jane swinging on the monkey bars, chasing the boys at recess,playing basketball barefoot, ring around the rosy, duck-duck goose,climbing trees, dancing and singing anytime-anywhere,playing the Rooster in the Church Christmas Play(Yes there was a rooster by baby Jesus's manger), turning cartwheels in the grocery store, riding in the wheelbarrel down to the river w/ my grandad, crawdad fishin' w/ my barehands in the creekbed, pretending to be Mr. Miyagi's Karate Kid, telling every one and all my coaches/teachers that I would be the first girl to walk onto the NBA-haha:)...

I start to loosen up a bit and remember that the good things, the rich things in life come from an innate childlike enthusiasm/joy that we feel when we laugh w/someone we love, share our ideas, experiences, and dreams w/ the world in the faith that we were born to give something/be someone great!