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Sunday, August 29, 2010


"The core of everything that I do comes from being a painter, and probably the reason for whatever qualities my movies have comes from my perspective as a painter-and what that means is that I see images. So, in telling a story, its not about explaining what's going on in my brain and making a literary analogue or interpretation of that. Its that if I've got a Whitmanesque attitude toward everything in the world-meaning words, recognizable images, sounds, silence - then, accumutavely, I feel I can tell a story w/ all of these different elements...."

Artist in Residence
painter, sculptor, furniture designer, filmmaker
—Julian Schnabel has planted “Palazzo Chupi,” a Pompeii-red palazzo, atop an early-20th-century factory building on the western edge of Greenwich Village. It may be the perfect expression of Schnabel’s life, constructed as the artist-director shot The Diving Bell and the Butterfly in France.

by Ingrid SischyMarch 2008

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