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Friday, April 16, 2010

My inspiration for bikini season...

This is a picture of Gabby Reece. She is a big girl and has a strong slender body. She's a world class volleyball player/sports fashion model. She has no need to hide her figure. She's a beast and proud to be. I have had a tendency to hide behind baggy clothes in the past but I'm done hidin'! I'm learning no matter what shape or size, a women should feel that she's beautiful and obligated to be comfortable in her skin from head to toe, especially in a SWIM SUIT, be it a one peice, bikini, or a tankini:) Its the smile we put on our face and the fiery confidence that lives behind our eyes that matters... And there's no denyin Swagger, see Carey Kepler on Miami Beach below ...Kris, i stole this from you;) ... Also below, Lisa Thiel / Crystal McReynolds/Jess Sharratt, and ALL the incredible crossfit coaches...
So go brave Barton Springs in your bikini, turn flips/ jump off the diving board, swim your heart out, play beach volleyball at Zilker, take care of yourself, sweat, eat well, share fun and gut wrenching laughs, empower friends, family, and acquaintances by doin your thing, share stories, celebrate, drink your drinks in the sunshine, and I'm goin to do the same...

Hold me to it!


  1. Work that swimsuit girl, OWN IT! =)

  2. Ummmmm ya, that is some inspiration!! Hope you're having a great day!

  3. So true girl. Sometimes I forget how hard and perfectionist I am about my body. Need to remember this everyday.. thanks for the wake-up call!! ;)

  4. WOW,after seeing those pictures I really need to go run. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great post, Em! And like I told you the other day when you were working out in that tank and lulu pants..."You be looking good!" :)

  6. I love GABBY :)) She was my idol for all thru high school! Great pick!