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Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 Days to Rip City!

Starting Tomorrow I will be taking on the 24 Day Advocare Challenge for the 1rst time! I want to share my goals with you all! This is very exciting for me because I believe this could be a huge jump start into a the Summer season which I believe to be the best time for family, friends, and fun as well as audacious vision! Your mind set is key. This is going to take hard work but it will be well worth it in the end!
As I got the opportunity to do Crossfit HQ Goal Setting w/ the original firebreather Coach Greg Amundson from Crossfit Santa Cruz where it all began. I am making my goals specific,direct,  measureable, true to myself, motivating, inspiring, personally captivating, and most importantly in POSITIVE tense. Greg was amazingly energetic and enthusiastic and he conducted the seminar in stories. REAL LIFE stories.  I am also putting these goals within the given time frame so I can hold myself as well as others accountable. This seminar was essential to where I am at and where you all are. You can create whatever you want from wherever you are at right now.  You are the architect of your won life.  What we focus our attnetion on will increase in our lives. Our thoughts and words will be the primary factor. You must have a compelling reason why you want what you want. Its drives you.  When you wake up, you can't wait for it.  You can taste it, see it, feel it , touch it. It is tangible.  Use language in a powerful and creative way. Respect the truth of what it is you want to acheive in life. Just as we develop our skills/ capacities in Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, and Balance we must hone in on our vision for ourselves.  Not just physically but mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Strategy, technique, and knowledge will come w/ you putting your immediate energy into your current capacities/abilities to conquer the Dog of Fear. WHAT CAN YOU DO RIGHT NOW TO BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL?

"The greatest adaptation of Crossfit takes place between the ears" - Coach Greg Glassman

1. weight loss -
 I am 149.9 lbs and 14.9% body fat of svelte lean mean muscle mass, lightening speed and accuracy, like Lindsey Smith (2009 - 2012 Crossfit Games Competitor.)

2. performance -
I perform a genuine gymnastics muscle up ( belly to rings pullup to ring dip.) w/ a fluid and graceful kip, fast and high hips, a fierce pull and a piercing pony tail flip, then an effortless ring dip, popping to full lock out. This will be caught on video for proof. 

3. spiritual/personal -
I  speak to young people, 6th grade through 12th grade, about their personal power; beating eating disorders, food addiction, drug addication, bullying, etc,... how to be brave in the face of fear; loving your peers and treating each other as well as themselves w/ respect.

THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE!  Create your vision for the next mnth, then, the next 3 mnths, then the next 6 mnths then, 12 mnths! Lay your blueprint boldly w/ conviction and confidence then share it w/ the world!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Underground Strength Coach Certified

Hey Team, I am going over my extensive notes from the Underground Strength Coach Cert this past March 24th and 25th 2012.. The one and only Zach Even Esh came all the way to Austin, TX to share his passion, knowledge, expertise, and human wisdom like I've never experienced before. Also, Strictly Strength CEO Coach Travis Holley, Lean Lifting CEO coach Jen Cardella, and #DJOutlaw Kris Kepler came in and added their expertise. Zach taught us how to create a unique training that matched our philosophies. Keeping it simple, powerful, and w/ professionalism.#MentalToughness

The energy and enthusiasm is relentless. Your energy should free people and affect them w/ excitement for their life's dreams.#NextLevelMindset

Whether you are reinforcing technique or correcting technique, be relentless in the standards that are set in stone. Understand the psychology of where people are coming from, then being able to have compassion where compassion is due. Discover the languages of each individual athlete/human being you come in contact w/. Be Bold and confident in choosing who you train. You are a person that people KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. I want to train athletes that have a fire for their goals. I want to help them w/ a vivid and specific vision. Same for people that are overweight. I want help them to see themselves a whole new way, define whats holding them back, and conquer. I also want to empower young people to own their personal power and stand up for their ideas by being responsible for their own wellness/fitness/life goals.

Zach really opened my eyes to all the possibilities of not only movements to generate strength, but the movement I needed to generate from within myself to provoke a whole new way of looking at my training. #PerceptionIsEverything

The creativity in the wrkouts I write are more effective and compelling. Instead of just having standard pushup, there's countless different pushups I can coach. Same for body pulls. All I need is a rope and a swing set to throw it over. Its simple and the options are endless. Its all about the ability to move your body well. Depending on your athlete and where they are, you can add higher levels of intensity later. Being mobile is key. Before the cert I thought I was limited to the equip in my back seat but I couldn't have been farther from the truth. The things humans can do w/ our own body weight is amazing. I learned I can have wrkouts w/ out any of my equip and have it be just as wickedly awesome as it would be w/ my equip.I am starting to develop my own style instead of feeling like I have to do things a certain way.

We went through everything from warm ups, to body weight pushes and pulls, to implementing odd objects - my personal favorite:) Kegs, Stones, and Sand bags.#Strongman

Zach also talked w/ us about building up our athletes bodies to tolerate work. Tailoring wrkouts based on the athletes experience. Then building them up from that foundation.

On the last day, which came way too soon by the way, we got to create wrkouts for each other. This was a real opportunity to practice everything we learned over the course of the whole badass weekend. One of the biggest, most important things that I learned is that you can always coach, no matter who the athlete is, how dialed in on technique they are, no matter how effective and efficient and competent they are, you can ALWAYS reinforce their technique and coach them through. That was powerful for me.

Then, in the last portion we got to pick Zach's brain about anything and everything. one of the many things that I got was: Do what you love. Whats true to your heart? Thats what will make you successful. Be consistent and know the power of your word. Let people know your commitment. Stay persistent. Give yourself time off to be w/ your family/friends; the people and things that light up your world. In your work, do all things possible to add value to people. Its got to come from your heart. Find your niche, your unique ability and thrive in it w/ passion. Make sure people leave you feeling better about themselves than when they came in. Build a team - when you need help - ask for help. Pick up others when they're down.. CARE. Take care of the people that you train and people in general. Create community and be a great human being w/ humility, confidence, and courage.
Strength of mind, body, and spirit.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Betsey, Here I come!

I met this dress in Betsey Johnson not too long ago at The Domain in Austin, TX.
By July 2012 I will be able to fit into it. When I started to think of what shoes would look cute w/ it, dreaming of all the parties or show I could wear it and then start to get excited....

#1) I have several scars on my shins from an internal skin infection I had last Summer. All I want to do is hide them w/ tights or pantie hose, but w/ the heat coming on thats not goin to fly! I will not hide.

#2) Physically, I am a muscular woman and don't desire to be anything but that. However, I have put on body fat weight, which is unhealthy and also hurts self esteem and body image. I am at 175. Naturally, I would weigh in at 150-155 lbs. This is my goal.

Authenticity and Integrity are important to me. I truly believe in Childlike Faith. I will not let any excuse keep me from having fun being a young woman in Austin, TX! I can't wait to walk into Betsey Johnson's Boutique and pick out that perfect dress!
The little girl pictured below isn't worried about bug bites on her legs or being a certain size. She's strong legged, full of energy, and running on enthusiasm.
Dress upand dancing is a daily must for her.
Thats me, Emily Jane Baker.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Strongman Awakening

Rob Orlando and his team of passionate, explosively energetic, and professional coaches came to Crossfit Central in Austin Texas all the way from Hybrid Athletics in Stamford, CT to share the craft of Strongman! First thing is, I am excited!

We got to lift, flip, carry, push, snatch, shoulder, move atlas stones, tires, kegs, logs, and yokes. All of which proved to test me on a whole new level of strength. You are only limited by your own creativity - the sky is the limit. Put things into motion and see how you feel. Violent hip extension. These are just a few words, key points, and phrases that resonated w/ me. I love the primal feel of it.

Shouldering the Atlas stones, then squatting them ass to grass. 93#s x 10 reps

Walking the Yokes, stabilizing midline like nothing else I've ever done. I believe I worked up to 310#s.

Viper pressing the logs. Got 65#s x 10 reps.

Shouldering and pressing the Kegs 75#s. Got 10 total reps unbroken.

I had so much fun. There were many time I felt that lioness inside ready to roar. Its empowering and powerful. I can't wait to test my limits in an amateur competition. I also can't wait to see what this does to my Oly Lifts.

Rob, Justin, Katie, Timmy, and Daniel - Thank you for being here and doing what you do! I will be picking up heavy objects as much as possible and spreading the word. This is only the beginning for me. #Stoked #Inspired

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lessons in Oly and being Coachable

Aggressive under the bar. Drop your ass. Get lower. Active lats. Faster. Bar Path. Move.
Get nasty. Focus. Big pull. Faster. Patient. Pull. Explode.

These are just a few of my favorite Oly cues.

There are many days I train Oly and I leave w/ a sense of more mental strength.
I would highly recommend to women especially, learn to lift. The payoff is tangible. You will actually start to feel the results both mentally and physically. Its is also fun! When you throw heavy weight up and land it w/ sound technique and power you feel like you can move mtns.

My goals are as follows:
  1. I will snatch 140 lbs. I watched Lisa Thiel do this in a training session. She snatched 140 lbs 7 x w/ muscle ups in between. She made it look silky smooth.
  2. I will do 160lb Bear Complex x 3 Unbroken. I saw Lindsey Smith do a 160 lb Bear Complex x 3. She made it look fun.
  3. I will Clean and Jerk 200 lbs because Whitney Welsch clean and jerked 220 lbs. My last max was 145 lbs.
If any one is interested in getting jacked up about maximizing power output in Oly Lifting, or getting #SillySTrong, below are the most effective resources you'll find.

If you are Crossfitter that is drinking more and more of the juice and getting fired up about taking your game to the next level. See below.

These Coaches inspire me endlessly to be stronger than I ever thought possible.

Also, I can't wait to see Rob Orlando at Crossfit Central this weekend and do the damn thing in the
Strongman Cert!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Passion. Vision. #HelenChallenge

I started a 4 week adventure this past Saturday created and led by the People's Champ, Coach Carey Kepler. Also, Coach Crystal McReynolds, Coach Jess Estrada, Coach Gilly Smith, and Coach Jen Cardella.

That day I was so scared to do the wrkout. My body hurt from stress and what I thought was overexertion from training earlier in the week but I couldn't be farther from the truth. My body wanted to move. My mind was lazy and convinced me that I was not going to perform that day. After the warm up and energy and excitement, my nerves started to subside. I gained mental momentum in seconds. I put aside those nagging thoughts that I should just sit out the benchmark. Then - what would be the point right?! I looked around at all the incredible women I was surrounded by ready to test themselves and give it everything. My great friend, Ingrid pushed me all the way through. I went unbroken on the swings but my pullups were slow and broken into 6's, then 4's, then 3's, then 2's throughout. Its amazing when you hear the voice of someone that sees you have more in you to go faster and harder. From my experience when I hear Ingrid or Carey's or Jen's voice, it mutes that other voice saying, " I need chalk. I need to rest. I need to put the bell down.." and am empowered to be better than I ever thought and surprise myself.

The result was that I did a lot better than I thought I would and had fun! After both heats we went inside to breakdown our Helen Performance for that day. We thought about what kept us from speeding up our run or breathing more on the swings, or why we stood and stared at the bar before grabbing it and punching out pullups. We assessed our mental states, false beliefs that act as barriers to what we really want in our performance - that keep us from taking it next level and finding our "sweet spots". What our your barriers? Why do you care to break through them?

Carey gave us all our homework for the next 4 weeks. Visualization, Watching, Learning, Repetitions, Practice, Train, ask questions, Be powerful in setting goals, smell it, taste it, feel what it would be like to do your perfect Helen, how light you would feel, how would you breathe, how would your run, study your body, body awareness, putting in the work.

I am more excited about my training than I've been since Regionals in Houston last year because I know that if I drill these techniques, have faith, and walk into the very experiences and decisions I am afraid of, whether its hanging onto the bar for on more rep or kicking it in 3rd gear on the run, If I can see it - I can believe it - if I can believe it - I can be it. Its all in my mind.

My Helen time was 10:39 on Feb. 11th 2012

My Helen time is sub 9 min on March 10th 2012.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gabi Lane the Great!

is one of the most adventurous, ambitious, and dedicated young women I have ever met. I have been working w/ her since June 2011 as her personal trainer/coach and I have learned more from her than I could've ever imagined.

In the first 3 mnths she committed to tweeking her food intake and lifestyle. Getting up at 5am some mornings to get her training in and doing what it took outside of our workouts got her real results = Lost over 25 lbs and counting.

The majority of our sessions left me w/ more energy and excitement than I could ever have asked for because of her bigger than life personality, fun energy, and lazer focus. I know a lot of adults that would not have the kind of dogged determination and consistency this young lady has.

She sees the world through the eyes of her creative imagination, true instinct, and a keen intelligence to who she is. It is rare that I get to work w/ a human being at this age that can grasp the human spirit and its power to prevail old habits. This is what I get to experience w/ Gabi. She knows that she is fully capable of anything as long as she puts in the hard work, which she has proven possible already.

I think of Gabi as being a great and epic character in a book series. She is a champion. Her personality is rich w/ real ideas that can impact the world in ways she has yet to discover. I can't wait for her to fully realize her potential and power through camps and challenges that she takes on w/ her usual vigor and courage. She is unstoppable.

Her pastimes include but not limited to, Rowing Club, Art, Crossfit, Travel, Culinary Pursuits, you name it - she can do it! There is a will and enthusiasm inside of her that sets her apart. She's wise beyond her years. I am grateful to have her in my life. I asked her a couple months ago to share her thoughts on our training thus far. I have posted them below. Super proud of you Gab! Keep doing what you're doin' girl!

My name is Gabriella Lane, I’m 15 years old. I met Emily Baker in 2011 in the end of May. I am very happy with my life but I wanted to improve my health. I’ve never been a pencil of a girl, in fact I’m anything but. I have always been a “big“ girl, and while not unhealthy I wanted to feel better in my own skin and become the best version of myself I could. I was very determined. I felt I’d but this off for too long. So that summer I decided to meet with a few trainers, sign up for some sports camp and generally be more active. I met Emily through my friend Mark. I immediately knew Emily would be the best fit for me. She seemed to understand what I wanted and she realized that I would need to be eased into the realm of exercise and her world of CrossFit. We started with around three workouts a week and by the end I was up to around four or five. And now more than six months later I feel the best I’ve ever felt.